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Preventative Maintenance

At Bigfoot Pest Control, Inc., we understand the inconvenience and discomfort that comes with unwanted pests. There’s always a huge sense of relief once they’re gone. So, when it comes to avoiding repeat infestations, preventative pest control maintenance is the key to your success. That’s why we offer pest control maintenance services to help homeowners and businesses alike keep their pest population under control. We offer monthly, semi-monthly and quarterly maintenance programs as well as customized services depending on your specific needs. Between service calls, there are many things you can do to lessen the chances of having a repeat infestation.

Tips to avoid repeat infestation

Help us help you! Here are some things for home or business owners to do to avoid repeat infestation:

+ Install or repair screens on windows and doors to prevent flies and other insects from gaining easy entry.
+ Eliminate standing water such as puddles or any container that will hold water for more than one week. Keep birdbaths and pools clean.
+ Keep your drain gutters clean and free of debris to avoid mosquitoes and other critters such as spiders and flies.
+ Keep trash cans covered and, if possible, in an area where animals such as raccoons or opossums can't get into them.
+ Seal potential entry points where small animals and insects can get in: attic vents, door frames and between pieces of siding.
+ Don't leave food out and keep counters and floors clean. Do the same in outdoor eating areas, and don't forget your grill.
+ Eating outside? Keep food covered, burn citronella candles and try using fans to keep a small breeze blowing across food to help "bat" away flies.
+ Keep outdoor lights turned off when you don't need them. The light and warmth attract a number of different insects such as June bugs and moths...and more! Try using yellow bulbs which are less attractive to insects.
+ Remove piles of debris or other items to avoid creating nests for ants, spiders and rodents. If you have woodpiles, store them as far away from your house as possible.
+ Repair plumbing leaks and leaky spigots to eliminate small water sources that can attract insects.

Ask about our preventative maintenance programs today.
The best pests are the ones that never make your house their home in the first place!
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Home owner’s torn screen in Erie, PA needs repaired to prevent pest infestation and help maintain a pest free home.

Be sure to repair or replace torn screens to prevent insects from entering.

Between pest maintenance visits from Bigfoot Pest Control, this dirty bird bath needs to be cleaned regularly by the home owner and have water replaced daily.

Eliminate puddles or standing water and keep pools and birdbaths clean. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects.

Residential and commercial buildings should remove standing water, leaves and debris from gutters to remain pest free as shown.

Keep your drain gutters clean and free of debris to avoid mosquitoes and other critters such as spiders and flies.